Chicken under chocolate sauce

1 whole chicken, 100 g of butter, 250 grams of white bread or white nesladkogo, 3 st.l. milk, 2 large onions, 2 eggs, 100 g of sausages, 250 g cream, 1 glass of white wine, salt, pepper black pepper, 1 ch.l. sage, 3 periodontal garlic, 0.5 ch.l. * * chile mixture, 1 ch.l. cocoa powder.
Mexico has long been known for its excellent cuisine. Perhaps this dish, you seem very unusual, but not entirely compatible products, but who tries not, it could not assess the true taste. Allow chicken, give ground, cooked chopped to pieces of white bread, milk, melted butter parts, eggs, sausages cut, black pepper, sage, and one part exfoliating garlic cloves. Then stitch stuffed chicken, put on protiven, to grate mixture of chilli * * remaining butter and sprinkle turpentine oil to approximately 1 hour, along with 2 cloves garlic and coarsely chopped onions. Finished with the chicken withdraw protivnya, formed in a sauce of cocoa, wine, bring mixture to the boil, then podlit cream and sauce to boil thoroughly again. Razrezannogo on chicken parts (threads withdraw) cake at the plate and sauce in sousnike file.

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