2-2.5 kg of mutton fat, 0.5 kg of flour, 5 - 6 heads onions, salt, spices.
Lamb chop a piece of 30-40 d. Put in a large pot and ready to brew. During the 15 minutes before the end of cooking, add salt and spices. Half of the finished broth (shurpy) to select a different dishes and protsedit. So far, boiled meat, cook fresh dough, velvety and finely cut diamond with a party 4 - 5 see from the boiling broth to remove the meat and replaced by deleting the dough. Brew 5-7 minutes. Then, to remove the dough and put chopped onion rings. Brew onions 3 - 4 minutes (only to the disappearance of bitterness). On large platter, consistently turbulent layers: dough, meat and onions on top. Separately in pialah file a pre-selected hot shurpu. Po is a very nutritious dish, so it has not filed any other snacks or meals. In an exceptional and salting could file a severely chilled vodka.

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