Belish-pirog with meat and potatoes (Tartar cuisine)

Nachinka: 200 g. of beef and 200 city of lamb with zhirkom, 200 d. onions, pepper, salt, 2 leaflet bay leaf. Dough: 150 g. margarine, 150-200 g. fermented (can be fresh) kefir, 1 egg, 2 st.l. mayonnaise, 2 st.l. smetana, 100 town grow. butter, 1 / 2 ch.l. salt 1 / 2 ch.l. soda, pay vinegar, flour (but will)
Prepare dough: to melt margarine, fill it kefir, wedge and add remaining egg components (except flour). All place, and add flour to knead until the dough no longer stick to the hands of. Dough can be fatty, it has to be put into the freezer and get nachinkoy. For nachinki: sliced meat (can be with small pits and hryaschikami), potatoes and onions, add spices. Once nachinka will be ready, get dough from the freezer. Divide it into two sections (approximately one to two). Tu part, which is more, velvety and stow in shallow pan so that the edge of the test within the province skovorody.Smazat dough oil and put nachinku. Velvety another part of the test, and the top covered nachinku to take the edge pokrepche that formed broth is not stemmed. Top to make a hole through which nalit in Belish 1 / 2 cup beef broth or boiled water. The opening to close a small piece of dough. Put the pan with the contents in a well-heated oven. Once Belish zarumyanitsya, add fire to a minimum. After about one hour of open hole and fill in Belish another 1 / 2 cup broth, to close the hole. If Belish very zarumyanilsya, the nakyt his falgoy. Decompose on chocolate Belish need so: first lid clipped and cut the number of those present at the table, then nachinka also factored in chocolate, kicking high and the bottom edge divide between his present. The most delicious-belly. Cut and sort through chocolate.

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