At 12 kokotnits: 1 chicken, 200 grams of fresh mushrooms, or white mushrooms (you can then dry-less), 200 g of smoked ham or Leg, 2 heads of onions, 100 g smetana, 100 grams of soft cheese, 40-45 olives.
Ready to taste chicken, broth allow. Privatit mushrooms (dry tentatively zamochiv), finely cut and fry them with onions. The finished chicken disassemble and finely. Just finely ham. Each kokotnitsu to Sharjah chicken, ham, mushrooms, in the 2-3 pc. olive and tea spoons from the top of smetana (in that order). Fill soup (hot better). Top kokotnitsu covered every piece of cheese, put in a pre heated oven to 200 degrees. Readiness is defined melting cheese.

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