Julien special

300 grams of chicken, 0.5 kilograms of mushrooms, 1 large bulbs, 200 g smetana (and possible more), 300 firm cheese, vegetable oil, flour, salt and pepper to taste
Ready to taste chicken (in salt water). Nashinkovat onions, fry in vegetable oil, along with washed (but not otvarennymi!) Cut mushrooms (posoliv and poperchiv). Then add art. spoon flour and finely chopped chicken, a little broth, continuing to toast. Then everything shifted in deep gusyatnitsy vessel type (but smaller rooms), add chicken broth (generously), smetana (just), covered lid and place in hot oven. Simmer short minutes, 15 teaspoons Grated cheese, place back in oven and keep there until cheese melts not. You can use hot or cold form (to whom that more like). Bon appetit!

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