In hot pot

Mandatory components: meat (any), potatoes, salt and spices to taste, bouillon.
Additional components: onions, mushrooms, vegetables (almost all), fresh herbs, smetana. Meat cutting small pieces, bacon, allow, poperchit optional and to taste. Cut the potato cubes, lightly fry. Mushrooms and vegetables with a little bit chops onions. Place all of this on pots in order: first, meat, then potatoes, vegetables with mushrooms and onions. Fill soup. Add, if you want salt and spices. Put in a hot oven at polchasika. Then, in each pot for 1-2 art to. l. smetana, in the oven potomit even five minutes. Before filing sprinkle herbs on the table. This recipe improvisation - mostly because its taste depends on the ingredients. For example, the last time I eksperementirovala with teriyaki chicken, mushrooms and the Bulgarian pepper. What is remarkable is almost impossible to spoil the dish! Enjoy! Number gorshochkov depends on the number and size. pot preferably covered, or dough to coat with the cover for those who like to add CHANAHI eggplants, rublennymi stuffed vegetables (carrot, sweet pepper, onion onion, garlic) instead smetana recommended in the recipe, you can use dry white wine (50-100 ml per pot ) to taste.

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