Fried pig with buckwheat porridge

1 pig, 150 grams of vodka, 1 ch.l. salt, 150 g of melted butter, 2 cups buckwheat Kashi, 5 eggs.
How many times, perhaps you want to surprise guests this traditionally Russian dishes, but ... That pig is not at hand, it is not decided, but suddenly not work. Let us try to do! Go to the market, buy the pig and pig Podgotovlennogo begin ... along with the head and legs with salt to grate vodka to become skin tight and crispy. Place on protiven stomach down double in the stalk. Polit melted butter and place in the very hot oven. When the pig zarumyanitsya, reduce fire. Lawn carcass every 10 minutes juice flowing from it. To bring up to readiness. Cook floury buckwheat porridge, fry with onions and finely narublennymi eggs. Along the pig cut in half, then crosswise on the portion. At the bottom of a large oval dish layer of Kashi, then pig. The edges of dishes to decorate eggs, boiled carrot, herbs, olives.

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