Fried tomatoes with cheese (tamatar panir Malai)

450 g panira (can be replaced with the adygeyskim cheese, which is sold in every food store), 6 medium tomatoes, 3 st. l. ghee (Services), or vegetable oil, 1 h l. turmeric, 2 hours l. kumina seeds, 2 hours l. salt, 0.5 h. l. ground black pepper, 2 / 3 cup (150 ml) smetana, 2 st. l. narublennyh coriander or parsley leaves
Wrapped in gauze panir jet wash under cold water for one minute and paste (but not the Greek cheese). Until panir still wet, razlomayte it to the major pieces (by 2.5 cm). Wash tomatoes and cut them into 8 portions. Heat vegetable oil or Services in karhae tolstodonnoy pot or medium size, kumina nasypte seeds and as soon as they potemneyut (in about 30 seconds.), Add tomato. Add slices of cheese. Remember this kurkumoy, salt and pepper, and podzharivayte, stir gently, within 2-3 minutes, trying not cracked pieces panira and tomatoes. Before lift the pot with fire, onion its contents smetana. Serve hot, garnished coriander or parsley. Tamatar panir Malai may be made separately or in conjunction with other dishes. For variety can be twice as panira reduce the number and add 2 cups (200 grams) for a couple of boiled green peas and grilled until golden color kocheshki cauliflowers (and peas, cabbage and stored along with panirom). To prepare this dish is best in karhae. (We are preparing as usual soteynike "Tefal")

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