Marinated Fried Chicken

1 chicken, 3-4 st.l. butter, puree of baked apples. For marinade: 2 cups water, 2 cups dry white wine, 0.5 ch.l. citric acid, 5 buds cloves, 10 pea dushistogo pepper, 5 pea black pepper, 1 st.l. sugar, 2 ch.l. salt.
Prepare marinade: an enamelled pot of water specified for marinade products, ice and cool. Vypotroshit chicken, wash, to dry out, cut in half, fill cold marinade, place in the cold. After 2 days to remove the chicken from the marinade, to dry out, fry in fat in the oven until brown, add the marinade, chicken polit resulting sauce and again briefly put in the oven. Ostyvshuyu to divide portions of chicken pieces, sort of dish, decorate greenery puree of leeks and baked apples.

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