Fried cabbage and potatoes (bandgobhi Alou Sabji)

450 g of cabbage, 2 cloves, 2 pod kardamona, 1 sticks cinnamon dl. 7.5 cm, 4 st. l. ghee (Services), or vegetable oil, 4 potato medium size, peeled and cut diced, 1 st. l. natertogo fresh ginger, 1 / 2 hours l. roasted red pepper (kayenskogo), 1 hour l. turmeric, 4 tomatoes medium-sized, mature, cut into 8 portions, 1 1 / 2 hours l. salt 1 / 2 hours l. sugar, 2 / 3 cup (150 ml) water
Wash cabbage and nashinkuyte it. Let it podsohnet bit. Smelite in elektrokofemolke or mash in the mortar cloves, cinnamon sticks and Cardamom. Heat 3 st. spoon vegetable oil in a pot or Services to moderate flames. Place the sliced potatoes in a pot and fry until light brown in color, stirring, and by ensuring that no prigorel potatoes. Remove potatoes from the pot and leave. In the same pot of remaining oil and fry it grated ginger. Add the red pepper and turmeric and continue to heat a few more seconds, then add the sliced cabbage and stir another 3-4 mines, often impeding that peremeshalas with cabbage and spices not prigorela. Add tomatoes, fried potatoes, salt, sugar and water. Close the lid and simmer for weak-fire until all the vegetables will not be soft. Prior to the filing of pre-season on the table cooked milled sweet spices and gently peremeshayte. Ironically, some of the most famous kitchens in the world are constantly improving. Based on the classic French cuisine, for example, created a "kyuizin Meals" (new cuisine), a newly created "kyuizin modernism" (a modern kitchen), which connects and a classic kitchen and "Meals." And in Italy, the most sensitive cooks prefer "La Nuova Cucina Italiana, a new Italian cuisine. In contrast, Vedic kitchen is not changing. This simple dish is stewed vegetables, seasoned with sweet spices, and today is the same tasty and nutritious as it was hundreds of years ago.

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