Japanese rice salad

1 glass of rice, 2 cups of water, 250 g fried or boiled beef, 1-2 orange, salt. Sauce: 1 yolk, and 1 ch.l. mustard and sugar, 1 st.l vinegar, one-third liter of vegetable oil, 1 orange, 1 st.l. corn flour, lemon juice, 0.5 ch.l. salt.
Figure in the Japanese diet plays a paramount role the same as potatoes to the Slavs, or, say, meat from the Mongols. Most often it prepared with a small amount of water, a couple and never stirred. Typically, rice brew nesolenym and eat with onion, sharp or sweet spices. Figure wash and cook. Tilt the pan and spray on the cold water. Yolk, mustard, sugar, vinegar, salt vzbit good Corolla, gradually add oil. Orange Juice razvesti water (1 spoon juice in 7 teaspoons water) and the orange water razvesti corn flour, ice and immediately mix with the mayonnaise. Rice, meat cubes and crushed cloves apelisina Delicate, salad mixture of lemon. Tuck in salad. Serve cold form.

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