Brewing rice oils

1 st. rice, 1.5 st. water, 2 st. l. vegetable oil.
This is the most common method of cooking rice in the East, although he quite laborious. This figure is used for self dishes. Figure rebuilt, well rinsed, drown in the 15-20 minutes in the water, to tilt the screen and allow liquid water, and rice prosohnut. In a pot with a thick bottom and lid tightly adjacent toasted rice prepared in toplenom butter or vegetable oil to grain became transparent. Remove the pot from the lamp to cool slightly and fill fork rice boiling water or fish broth. Classical ratio of raw rice and liquid * 1:1,5. To boil thoroughly rice on high-fire during the minute, and then 15-20 minutes to brew at the weakest flames, tightly closed lid and the pot putting its cargo to cover not raised the ferry. Brew, until rice is not imbibe a whole liquid and becomes soft and floury. This rice at the end of cooking do not have to wash water.

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