Chickens with fruit

2 large chicken, 100 grams butter-margarine, 1 stalk leeks, 0.5 cup raisins, 1 cups dried apples, 1 glass of prunes, 2 cups chicken broth (from a cubes), or water, 2 st.l. greens chopped parsley, 2 ch.l. wheat flour, 1 st. l. smetana, salt.
For no very large number of guests * very convenient, fast enough in the cooking of meals. Although, of course, the number of products and may be increased, it would be the wish came to the guests * Tsyplyat cut the Gordian knot in half, slightly discourage pieces, grease smetana (1 st.l.) and fry on both sides until light brown crust. Leeks split rings and slightly toasted together with a piece of chicken, then add the liquid, crevettes fruit and simmer under the lid on cooker or oven 15-20 minutes. Ready raspolozhti several pieces of chicken, sprinkle parsley greens. Dips file to a table in sousnike. For he was more thick, you can add flour to boil thoroughly and once again it already with flour.

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