Cauliflowers and potatoes in yogurt

1 head cauliflowers medium size 5 st.l. ghee (Services), or vegetable oil 2 ch.l. seeds kumina 1-2 pod acute dried red pepper 2 ch.l. ground coriander 1 ch.l. turmeric 1 / 2 ch.l. asafetidy 4 potato medium size, peeled and diced 4 st.l. cut water 1 1 / 2 ch.l. salt 1 cup (250 ml) yogurt 3 / 4 ch.l. garam-masaly 2 firm ripe tomatoes, cut slices 1 lemon
Clip from cauliflowers and disassemble at the core small heads. Rinse them durshlage and let liquid water. Heat ghee or vegetable oil in a pot and tolstodonnoy podzharivayte kumina seeds and pepper razlomanny over 30-45 seconds, until the seeds kumina will not brown. Add milled spices, stirring several more seconds and then put sliced potatoes. Stir to 2-3 min until it podrumyanitsya. Add Cauliflower and fry, stirring, another 2-3 minutes. Then add water, allow and close lid. Simmer at the middle-fire during the 15 minutes, from time to time vstryahivaya pot. Vegetables should be tender but not razvarennymi. Finally, add there yoghurt and simmer a few more minutes, until the sauce is not boiled. Remember garam-masaloy peremeshayte and cautiously. Decorate each portion tomatoes and lemon slices. The method of cooking vegetables, as described in the recipe, is applicable to any other vegetables. Sometimes vegetables cooked this way is known as "vegetable curry."

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