Pork dumplings

1 kg of potatoes for the camp, 200 grams of potatoes for cooking, 1.2 ch.l. salt. For the pudding: 2 onions, 1 ch.l. pork fat, 120 grams curd, 80 g syrokopchenoy Breast
Wet peeled potatoes to grate on the coarse with small holes bitten juice. Another portion of potato taste in the skin, cleanse and proteret, all Delicate, add salt and again Delicate. Create cakes, each of the mid-Forcemeat curd from the ground with the addition of boiled brisket, chopped small cubes and onions passerovannogo. The edges of cake to connect, giving form thickened cigars. Place in boiling salted water and brew 20-25 minutes. When submitting polit smetankoy.

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