Whole fish filler

1.5 kg of whole fish, 1 onions, 1 carrot, 3 laurel leaf, 1 teaspoon pepper peas. For the garnish: 1 beet, 1 Bank green peas, 3 salted cucumbers, 1 Bank marinated mushrooms, 4 potato. For fish fillets: 1 st. spoon gelatin.
The fish cleaned vypotroshit, leaving not cut off the head and tail, to make a longitudinal incision on the back that, when not cooking breaks the skin. Place fish in the long pots, fill with cold water, add the onions, carrots and spices, put on a weak fire and to ensure the water does not zakipala except fish can perevaritsya and collapse. Finished fish unparliamentary in the limb, and then removed from it, and broth evaporated so that get 4 cups. Protsedit and again through the formation of ice, pour the dissolved gelatin there and place, without giving boil. At deep dish nalit thick jelly fish in 2 fingers, put on cold dish to jelly strengthened. He put on the fish side, beautify its surrounding chetvertinkami eggs, star of carrots, green peas and fill all the remaining jelly. Again unparliamentary every dish. When the entire gelatin strong, overturn dish to another, larger in size, cover for a few minutes with hot towels to the filler easy sailing of the form. Around, filler buketikami sort all vegetables into small cubes HAJASTAN and tuck in their mayonnaise.

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