Fast food cake of salmon and red caviar

For the dough: 6 eggs, 2 1 / 2 cups of flour, 400 grams smetana, 1 tsp butter to form. For nachinki: 400 g of butter, 300 grams red fish, 350 g ketovoy caviar, 200 g green salad, 4 egg from boiled eggs.
Eggs yolks with salt and continuing rastirat, gradually add flour alternately solovuyu spoon-smetana canteen spoon until all flour and votretsya smetana. Proteins in dense foam wedge and gently Delicate finished with a mass impeding spoon from top to bottom. Pockets in the form of high or low pot, lubricated with oil (bottom zastelit rags paper). Roast in oven at the weakest flames. Then, to remove from the oven, unparliamentary, cut horizontally into 3 range. Cook nachinku. To do so, cooked egg yolks cooked eggs with 150 grams of oil in a homogeneous mass, grease her 2 lower range. At a mass of solid layer of sliced thin slices fish grease on top again by the same oil, the masses of the second circle, lubricated by the same oil in the same way to his fish, grease oil, covered the last circle to the top with a small cargo fanerku and put the cake in the cold for several hours. Ketovuyu caviar in the mortar to pound, proteret through the drain and mix with remaining oil in rastertym homogeneous mass of gently-pink color. Remove from cake board and the cargo to and from Korneta (confectionery bag) through ornamented clipping the sides of cake to decorate a pink mass at the surface of the cake also make wallets confectionery bag-grille. In a pink mass of blank squares put buketiki made as follows: closed ruletik pieces of fish in a width of 2 fingers wrap lettuce leaf rounded tops of the same height as the rib of fish; grease from the bottom of the same mass, so as not falling, and attach to the text . Grinder thin cake pieces.

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