"Mocha cake"

Dough: 5 eggs, 1 cups sugar, 8 st.l. potato starch, 3 st.l. cocoa powder, 1 ch.l. soda, 1 glass of black coffee. Cream: 1 glass of smetana, 2 / 3 cups of strong black coffee, 2 st.l. sugar, 1 st.l. gelatin.
Proteins separated from the zabaglione. Proteins vzbit, add 2 st.l. sugar. Eggs yolks with the remaining sugar naked. Starch is mixed with cocoa and soda and add a small portion in the yolks, one by one with a well-whipped protein (a spoon, spoon another). Each portion stir well. Form densely grease margarine, and put parchment onto dough. Furnace ready until at the middle-fire. The finished dough removed from the forms, remove parchment, to cool and cut into 3-4 korzha. When he nabuhnet, dilute it in water bath and then cooled. Mix sugar with a mixer smetana, put it in a thin trickle of coffee gelatin. At the dish to Korzh, permeate his sweet coffee, put a layer of cream, Korzh, etc. Above and in the sides - cream. To stand up 10-15 hours in the refrigerator.

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