Raspberries cake "gold"

1 Korzh Vienna white, 2 stack of jelly, peach and strawberry, vanilla cream packaging, 1 Bank peaches in their own juice, 1 bag of frozen strawberries, 1.5 liters. water
Setting boil 0.5 liters of water for one stack of jelly, while vzbivaem a stack of cream in a glass of cold water with the addition of margarine. Until dissolved in kipyatke persikovogo jelly bag cooled, dir compote of peaches into small fragments. Few enough ohladivshegosya and congeal jelly already finished, the dining room at the spoon vylivaem vynutye korzhi from refrigerator. Jelly must permeate their slightly, but not into a porridge. Korzhi must be from the refrigerator to quickly fight jelly. Lower Korzh covered cream, top clades second Korzh, vysypaem cut peaches and zalivaem remnants of jelly. Pripechatyvaem third korzhom and put in refrigerator. Appreciate balances cream, and with the deficit, puskaem to the second stack. At this point in time need to manage to dilute kipyatke package of strawberry jelly and put it chilled. Existing stocks of cream onto Gunwales (trim) on the upper edge korzha. Try to Borthick and potonshe increase. When strawberry jelly came to Jelly condition, removing from the freezer and strawberries vyvalivaem Korzh of the upper deck of the cream inside. Particularly sensitive are trafficked berries. Spoon drawn jelly and poured kalenuyu strawberries from frost. Jelly kameneet immediately. Cake is ready for storage in the refrigerator or in transit. To carry the cake, if forthcoming, is best suited rounded metal box of Danish biscuits Kjeldsens Butter Cookies net 908 grams. Cake is a matter of wild excitement as a team with a dominant female population. Cake is variation. Top can be heavy morozhennoy cherries or raspberries with the jelly, or any red jelly. Instead, peach or supplement it will kiwifruit. Korzh cream and chocolate, I did not try, but I think they are not zaigrayut.

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