Butter cake with orange

4 tbsp flour pinch of salt 5 tablespoons butter Spoon, 5 tablespoons sugar sand Spoon, 2 eggs, slightly beaten, 1 orange. For oily cream: 5 tablespoons butter Spoon, 1 glass from the top of the sugar powder, orange juice, cloves sweetened lemon and orange.
Crush butter with the sugar until the butter light air consistency. Drive eggs one at a time. Grind apelsinnuyu crust, add it together in a mixture of flour and add salt. Separate mixture equally between the two oil well blurry forms. Bake at a temperature of 180 o C for 25-30 minutes. Crash on the grille and unparliamentary. Mix butter until light consistency of the air, slowly adding sugar powder, butter mixture each time. Add orange juice before all the sugar is used. Grease layers of butter-cream cake, and they cover the sides and top cake. Decorate dolkami caramelized lemon and orange.

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