Chocolate cake "Boomerang"

150 g flour, 2 incomplete h. spoon dry yeast, 125 grams butter, 2 incomplete art. spoon finely narublennyh coconut, 2 incomplete art. spoon cocoa, 200 g sugar, 2 eggs, pinch of salt, 3 st. spoon milk, 0.5 package for vanilla sugar nachinki: 250 g sugar powder, 1 incomplete art. spoon cocoa, 4 st. spoon melted butter, 1 h spoon ground coffee, 1 st. spoon finely narublennyh coconut, 1 h spoon vanilla sugar
Butter, coconuts, cocoa, sugar and vanilla sugar Mix well. Do not discontinue any stir, add eggs. Then add flour, yeast, salt and the last to gradually infuse milk. Form grease oil, onto her dough and baked at the mean temperature over 40-45 minutes. For nachinki Mix all ingredients and vzbit Corolla before kremoobraznogo condition. Otstyvshy grease chocolate cream cake.

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