Chocolate cakes

3 / 4 cup flour, 1 / 4 hours salt spoon (no slides), 1.5 st. spoon cocoa, 115 g of butter, 0.5 cups of sugar sand, 2 eggs, 1 st. For glazes spoons of milk: 2 st. spoon butter, 1 st. spoon cocoa, 3 st. spoon condensed milk, 0.5 cups sugar powder
Grease oil elongated shape. Mix the flour, salt and cocoa. In other kitchenware vzbit butter and sugar until light and obtaining air. Add eggs slowly, night after each additives. Merge the two mixtures and Mix thoroughly. Crash in prepared form. Bake in a cupboard spirits at a temperature 190 ° C for approximately 35 minutes, until the dough becomes elastic in the middle. Chill, not from removing the forms. To melt butter for glazing. Add cocoa and brew to slow the flames 1 minute. Remove from fire and add sguschennoe milk and sugar. Mix carefully. Grease top form and content to wait until it propitaetsya, then cut into 15 cakes.

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