Spring Salad

1 - 2 Beam sprouts, 1 fresh cucumber, 1 tomato, 100 grams of potatoes early, 50 g green peas, eggs Z, 50 g lettuce or green onions, 3 / 4 cup smetana, salt, pepper, vinegar or lemon juice, sugar on taste, dill.
Cucumbers, tomatoes, Radishes, boiled eggs, potatoes sliced thin slices, green onions and lettuce leaves on 2 - 3 parts. Part of the leaves, not cutting, jewelry left to salads. Mix prepared vegetables. Sour allow for refueling salad to taste, and add to the severity of the vinegar or lemon juice. Prior to the filing of vegetables on the table polit smetana, Delicate, stow hump in salatnitsu, situated at the edges of the leaves of lettuce, and top beautify products comprising the salad and sprinkle dill. In this salad, at the expense of recipes provided in vegetables, and you can add other vegetables available-Cauliflower.

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