Korean Salad

1 green radish medium size, 2-3 eggs, 200-300 grams of beef or pork, 300 g of Korean rice noodles, 100 g of soy sauce, 1 / 2 head of medium size onions, 4 st.l. sunflower oil.
Green sliced radish thin strips, like the Korean carrot or a little bigger. Meat taste, cut the pieces about 1 х0, 5h0, 5 cm and fry in sunflower oil to the point of "uzharki" not perezharivaya. Eggs vzbit to the pan and fry on both sides until golden in color and finely cut strips. Cook rice noodles, washed in durshlake. Onions may be cut smaller. All Mix cooked, add sunflower oil and soya sauce. When cooking meat, egg noodles, and add salt, but not much. If you who do not know what rice noodles, to explain: the raw form, it is white and recalled splendor, but boiled becomes transparent.

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