Salad of cucumbers and white radish (khira Mouly kachamber)

2 large cucumbers (approx. 350 g), peeled from the skin and seeds and natertyh at large cucumbers, salt, 2 white radish varieties "sosulka, peeled and natertyh at large cucumbers, 1 / 4 cup (60 ml) smetana or yoghurt, 2 Art. l. pine nuts or almonds, smolotyh in powder, 1 st. l. the olive or sesame oil, 1 / 4 hours l. roasted red pepper (or paprika kayenskogo), 2 st. l. finely narublennoy greens parsley, 1 / 2 st. l. Best without oil and coarsely milled Indian cumin seeds (Jeera), 2 st. l. without oil roasted sesame seeds
Place the cucumbers in natertye screen installed above the bowl, and sprinkle with salt. Let the flow of at least half an hour. Then remove remaining liquid hands. Put in bowl cucumbers, Radishes, smetana or yoghurt, cereals and nuts, add butter and peremeshayte well. Shift in petty Fold salad platter and decorate, prisypav top red pepper, herbs parsley, pepper and cumin kunzhutom. Serve room temperature or chilled. This nezateylevy salad, a combination of contrasting hrustyaschih kremoobraznogo raw vegetables and sauce of pine nuts. Filed in servirovachnom decorative glass dishes with paprika, parsley greens and roasted sesame seeds and cumin, this salad attracts reluctant to their views seated at the table.

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