Fish Pie po-sibirski

1.5-2 kg. grade yeast dough, 1.5 kg of fresh fish (preferably: nelma, cuneate, Sterlet, sturgeon, trout, pike wonderful cake from the (major), Burbot) ,4-5 bulbs, onions, bay leaf, pepper black pepper
Fish clear from the scale (where sturgeon or Sterlet, only kicking pantsirnye Ship), vypotroshit, separating the head and tail, cut along the spine (not to finish, should get a rectangle). If the fish is very large, it can be done in sections along the spine on both sides of the first cut. Razdelannuyu thus carcasses of the large dish, allow, poperchit and leave for 30 minutes. Onions finely sliced (onions should be much, it will give Juiciness fish). The finished dough divided into two parts and make them rectangular in shape protivnya. The first test bed at the seams blurry protiven, part sprinkle chopped onions, dividing it evenly layer. At the onion layer cake ryzvernutuyu carcasses of fish, fish to bay leaf (2 pcs.), And sprinkle evenly second part of the onions. Place seam second test and thoroughly combine both edge seams. In mid-pie a little hole for a pair of break during baking that cake is not outflow. Place in pre protiven progrety brass cabinet and baked dessert. Modes: baking temperature-200oC. Baking time depends on the variety of fish (this is important!):-Nelma, cuneate, Sterlet, trout, sturgeon-35-40 minutes; - pike, Burbot - 45-50 minutes. At the end of baking, and draw protiven covered cake wet napkins to soften the upper crust. Served directly on the cake Otherwise, that it "opened up" - srezaya the perimeter of the upper crust, which break and eaten as bread.

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