Fish po-asturiyski

500 g cod or saffron cod, 1 / 2 of Article white wine, 1 bulbs, 80 g butter, 1 h l Grated chocolate (this is not the dairy), a handful of mushrooms, 1 st l flour molotaya cloves, Cinnamon, salt, pepper.
Onions to chop, fry with flour. Pour 1 / 4 liters of water Mix well. Add wine, chocolate, cloves, koritsu, salt and pepper. Skovoroda oil and grease put on a very small fire. Razdelannuyu to invest portions of fish slices in the bowl, fill sauce and simmer for quite weak flames. Clean the mushrooms, finely cut, and put out for 10 minutes before filing crash in fish dishes. Serve with rice.

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