Russian Kvas (ancient recipe)

1 kg. rye crushed malt, 300 d. crushed barley malt, 600 town of Rye flour, 130 d. rzhanyh Lucrezia, 80 g. tough rye bread, 1 kg. molasses, 30 g. Mint.
To mix up of malt and flour with 3 liters of hot water without scraping dough and covered dishes clean cloth, allow it insisted during 1 hour (to perfect). Aware dough shift in refractory pots (iron), covered lid and place in hot oven for uparivaniya. Mix thoroughly Uparennoe dough, to scratch off from the walls and dishes to fill out boiling water. After days of dough onto nastoyny Chan, fill 16 liters of hot water to pour in oxygen and crushed bread. The resulting deadlock Mix well and leave at 6-10 hours for insisting and lightening. When guscha dust, and the wort begins to wander, gently merge it into proparenny and washed clean barrel. In a second remaining extras fill 15 liters of hot water. After a 2 - 3 Hours wort merged into juice, mix with nastoem Mint and leave for the fermentation at night. Then moved to Glacier barrel. When fermented become less intense in Kvas add molasses (1 kg. At 30 liters of beer), a wooden barrel to cork up the socket. After a 3 - 4 days Kvas ready to eat. Kvas is stored in the cold ground for several months and its properties from that little deteriorating.

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