Pudding of birds 2

500 grams of meat poultry (turkey, chicken), 2 slices of white bread vacuity, 4 eggs, nutmeg, 2 st. spoon butter, milk or cream. For sauce-2 Art. spoon butter, 2 st. spoon flour, 0.5 liters broth, 2 egg yolks, 3 st. smetana spoons, lemon juice, 1 st. spoon parsley greens.
Svarenoe Poultry skip through Mincer along with razmochennoy bulkoy in the milk, add the egg yolks, cream and spices proteins. Massi crash in hours. Fat mix with the flour, progret, dilute chicken broth, ice, vmeshat yolks and the weakest flames povarit minute to taste with salt and pepper, and pour in sousnitsu sprinkle finely chopped herbs.

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