Pilaf "student"

Figure 0.5 kg, mutton 0.5 kg, onion 2 large head, carrots 2 pcs., Spice mixture for pilaf 2-3 st.l., mayonnaise, tomato paste or sauce acute, sunflower oil 0.5 liter.
Onions finely cut, rubbed at large carrots and cucumbers deep fry vegetables in the pan along with half the meat and spice in a large number of oil. Then, add the mayonnaise, sauce and another five minutes to heat. Meat should not be completely ready. In a pot on a small number of oil chops washed rice (crude!), Stirring constantly, just all the time, until the meat is prepared. Then onto the meat with vegetables in gusyatnitsu, sprinkle spices remnants, the top evenly distribute rice and fill with boiling water to the level of 1-1.5 cm above rice. Put in the oven (about 200 degrees) and keep there minutes 45-60 (depends on the quantity of rice) until cooked. No mixing!

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