Pilaf (very similar)

Figure 1 kg, onions 1 kg, carrot 1 kg, prunes 5-6 pieces, raisins 20 gr., Salt (many), meat 1 kg (pork, beef and mutton), sunflower oil 50-150 g depends on the meat) garlic 3-6 big head.
Recipes per 1 kg of good pork (from meat depends as home number oils, and the size of a piece). 50-70 gr. progret in oil with a capacity of 5-7 liters kazane (yet abandoned salt otskakivat begins, or until says). Porezanoe piece 5 x 5 cm drop in meat hot oil and allow very much. Fry on high heat until the advent rumyantsa. Add porezany large onion rings, grill on high heat until the advent rumyantsa. Drop narezanuyu straw carrots, evenly spread over the surface of the meat, if necessary, to fill out water (below the carrots), add fire to a minimum (1-2 at graduation to 6), covered lid and the end of cooking pilaf no longer stir! Carrots will be ready minutes through 40-60. After willingness carrots sand washed rice, it spread chastnoka garlic, raisins, prunes. Fill with water at 2-3 cm above the rice (gently, avoiding floating all buried in the figure) covered lid, add fire force until mid - + + and willingness to wait until (~ 40 minutes). After cooking stir not (I personally peremeshivayu).

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