Pilaf of chicken 2

600 grams of chicken or chicken 1 st.l. tomata-pasty or sauce, 1.5 cups of rice, 50 grams fat, 1 bulbs, 3 cups broth or water, 1 carrot, salt, spices.
Processed chicken carcass or cut the Gordian knot on pieces of chicken, bacon fat in the pan with heated to education podzharistoy crust. Eggplants folded pieces in saucepan or gusyatnitsu, fill with hot broth or water, so that the pieces were entirely covered by liquid to allow, poperchit, close the lid and simmer with little kipenii 25-35 minutes, depending on the age and type of birds. Onions finely poshinkovat and spasserovat with tomato. Carrots cut small cubes. Figure rebuilt and well rinsed. In boiling broth with sliced roasted poultry, add carrot, onion and tomato spasserovannye, bring to boil, allow for taste, sand washed rice, all Mix gently, covered with a lid and brew weak heating until the rice is not fully imbibe fluid. Then put the pots around on the weak hour in the oven or fire. Place the bird, along with rice.

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