Pizza from the Chief Accountant

1 glass of smetana, 125 g margarine (1 / 2 stack), sugar, salt, vinegar, soda, onions, 1.5 cups of flour, 2 eggs, 300 grams of mushrooms (any), cheese, tomatoes or tomato sauce.
Rastaplivaete margarine, in liquid margarine add 3 st. smetana spoon (or kefir may be acidic milk), 1 / 2 hours spoon sugar, salt, 1 ch.l. soda, gashenuyu vinegar. All peremeshivaete. Add 1.5 cups flour. Dough can be very soft. Bertie vykladyvaete form dough so that it was zasteleno and bottom boards. Nachinka-to-bottom finely chopped onions, and then 300 grams (or more), roasted mushrooms, then circle chopped tomatoes and tomato sauce, then poterty cheese. All fill 1 / 2 cup smetana, peremeshannoy with 2 eggs. In the oven for 40 minutes. Nachinku be changed in any form-sausage, cabbage, etc.

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