Pizza for beer

A semi-grade yeast dough (diameter 30 cm thick 1 cm), 100 g ham, chopped cubes, 50 g. melkonarezannogo sweet pepper, 6-8 salty olives, 4-5 caps fresh mushrooms, 1 tomato, 2 onion, 100 g . solid Grated cheese, 2 st. neostroy spoon tomato paste, 10 town of dried spices, 1 h spoon mustard, 5 g. salt.
Heat oven. The backbone of pizza at the chopping board and with the help of spoon evenly on top rub a thin layer of tomato paste (which is thinner, so tasty). This edge of the foundation (width of 1 cm) to keep dry. Namazannuyu foundation evenly onto ingradientami or sprinkle on top in the following order: ham, mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes. All of this is a thin layer of sand evenly cheese (layer should be sufficient only to cover ingradienty), with the edge of the foundation does not cover cheese. Top evenly golden onion rings, olives and sprinkle lightly prisypayut spices (to taste). Pizza gently crash at protiven and put in oven for 15 minutes. In the process of baking pizza provorachivayut two or three times around a vertical axis, while verifying their willingness to (test readiness-molten, zhelto-korichnevaya crust cheese). Add mustard and salt to taste.

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