0.5 kg puff dough, chicken Forcemeat, 1 onions, cheese Grated 100-200 g, finished mushrooms, sausage, salted cucumbers, olives if desired, mayonnaise, salt.
0.5 kg velvety puff dough in a thin pancake, and the top of all that there is in the refrigerator, for example: roasted chicken with onions Forcemeat, small cubes smoked sausage, finely chopped salted cucumber or olives, mushrooms, etc. Top smear of mayonnaise and sprinkle Grated cheese (it does not spare any). Bake until cooked. If the company more 2 person, all uvelicht proportions. The peculiarity of this recipe in the test, in addition, that it is produced vskusnee pizza, it still crunches.

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