Cakes with vegetables

4 cups (400 grams) of fine wheat flour milling, 1 / 2 hours l. salt 1 / 2 cup (100 grams) melted butter or ghee, 2 / 3 cup (150 ml) cold water, 2-3 medium potato, 1 / 2 head cauliflowers, 1 1 / 2 cups (200 grams) of green peas, 4 st. l. lard or vegetable oil, 1 h l. kumina seeds, 1 / 2 hours l. shambaly seeds, 1 / 2 hours l. natertogo fresh ginger, 1 h l. turmeric, 1 / 2 hours l. ground coriander, 1 / 4 hours l. asafetidy, 1 / 4 hours l. hammer cloves, 1 / 2 hours l. hammer cinnamon, 2 hours l. salt 1 / 4 hours l. ground black pepper, ghee or vegetable oil for roasting in the oven.
Nasypte flour and salt in bowl and stir melted butter or ghee. Liberal butter fingers in the flour until the mixture becomes a major recall of bread crumbs. Put water and make a dough. Masticate his 5 minutes, until it becomes soft and uniform and cease to molest to the fingers. Stick dough into ball sbryznite water, moist cloth coat and to defer while nachinku will produce. Clean potatoes and chop small cubes. Color natrite cabbage at the largest or to chop cucumbers. Boil fresh green peas in boiling salted water until soft, drain the water. Place a large pan on medium fire and fry seeds kumina and shambaly in 2 Art. l. vegetable oil or lard. When they start temnet, they add grated ginger and spices and stir milled several more sekund.Polozhite potato cubes, and stir, stir 3-4 min, then add the Cauliflower. Basting, stirring, another 3-4 minutes. Add 2 Art. l. spoon water, cover and lid to brew 15 minutes, until the vegetables will not be soft (to follow, that they are not prigoreli). Add the peas, season with salt and black pepper, then mash nachinku to clean platter to cool until you raskatyvaete dough. Sprinkle flour surface of the board. Make a test 10 balls. Raskatayte each pancake diameter 15 cm Cut each round in half. Take one half and its straight edge uvlazhnite part of the center to one end. Put round-trip direct hand in such a way that had been cone. At the two-thirds give nachinkoy cone of the test. Then zaschipnite edge seam and give verevochki twisted form. Heat ghee lamps at the middle or vegetable oil in deep pan tolstodonnoy. Several inches of oil SAMOS simultaneously (how many fit on the surface of the oil in a single layer). Grill, frequently, until both sides zarumyanyatsya. Oil must be hot enough to roast at SAMOS took about 6-8 min (no more and no less). Remove the gnocchi to the pan and that the oil glass.

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