From cakes to nachinkoy schavelya

For sdobnogo fresh dough: 300-400 g flour, and 1 full st.l. smetana and softened margarine, 1 st.l. sugar, 1 / 3 cup of milk mixed with 1 st.l. kefir acid, 1 egg, 1 / 3 ch.l. desulphurisation soda, pinch of salt, 1 ch.l. vodka or alcohol. For nachinki: 300 g schavelya, 1-2 st.l. sugar, 1 st.l. starch, adipose herbs dill to taste.
Young leaves schavelya carefully rebuilt, rinsed and napkins to dry out. Sorrel then finely chop and mix with sugar and starch svezheproseyannym. For taste, add the herbs in nachinku bronze fennel and salt. Sodo pay vinegar, pour in the mixture and kislomolochnuyu Delicate. In discourage egg bowl, add melted margarine, smetana, salt, sugar and all the Halo Mix thoroughly. Pour mixture kislomolochnuyu sodovuyu and vodka. Sieve flour in the bowl hump, make it broad-hoppers, there perelit prepared liquid mixture and cool vymeshat dough (flour can go a little more in the recipe specified amount). The finished dough to give to ripen 10-15 minutes, the surname of his wet towel. Then divide it by a simple form of small cakes with premixed nachinkoy, dividing them into flour vspylennoy cutting board and give slightly to ripen. Heat cakes in a large quantity of vegetable oil, or smaltsa into slices.

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