Pie gourd with coconut posypkoy

1.5 kg pumpkin, 0.75 liters of milk, 100-150 g sugar, 6 eggs, 1 st.l. softened butter, 150 g of coconut chips, cereals oxygen.
Prepare sweet orange pumpkin, clearing of the skin and testes, rinsed under cold running water and the pumpkin flesh to grate on the large cucumbers. Eggs carefully vzbit with milk and sugar. Shift crushed pumpkin in a pot to boil thoroughly and at the weak-fire, stir to tykvennaya mass stirring well. Then remove from fire and connect with the mass tykvennuyu vzbitoy yaichno-molochnoy mixture. Prepare cake to form the desired size, carefully grease her to strew with soft butter and fried breadcrumbs or flour. Pour tykvennuyu mass in the form of bread and cake in a hot oven about one hour. Allow the cake cool slightly, not from removing the forms, and then decorate the surface of coconut cake multicolored chips.

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