Salmon Pie

For the dough: 1 / 2 st. curd, 75 g margarine, 1-2 st.l. cold water, 250 grams of flour.
For nachinki: 300 g malosolenogo salmon, 1 st. cream, 3 eggs, 150 g of solid Grated cheese, 1 bundle of fennel, 2 medium onion, green onions a few arrows. To test preparations necessary porubit margarine with flour until small kroshek education. Then add the curd and water, and rapidly to knead dough. Dough Wrap in целофан and put at 1 h in a cold place. Then, it should be velvety and crash into shape. The envelope must be baked "blind" in the oven, heated to 180 degrees 10 minutes. Until sheath cake bake, cook nachinku: finely narezhem pripustim in butter and onion oil, eggs and cream vzobem, finely narezhem salmon, dill and green onions. All components nachinki peremeshaem and STALKER in pie shell. Pie vypekaem have about 30 minutes to a table and serve hot or cold (for me personally more like cold fish cake). Shell baking cake "blind" means to cover the dough parchment and fill out a form to test dry peas or beans to the test not vzdulos during baking and was quite thin. This is a very elegant and delicious dish, which may be submitted to the festive table with a white semi wine.

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