Pie with caviar

750 g fresh caviar cod, 2 eggs, 3 c t. spoon greens parsley or dill, 2 slices of white bread or 5 c t. Spoon panirovochnyh Lucrezia, salt, pepper, 1 c t. spoon anchousnoy paste or office for sandwiches, 2 hours spoon lemon juice, 1 c t. potato puree, margarine.
Caviar deleted in boiling water and brew 10 minutes. Then mix with the eggs, herbs, breadcrumbs or panirovochnymi razmochennym white bread in the milk. Season with pepper and salt and fat pockets in the form of blurry. On top of potato puree, it is margarine-pieces. Form place in the oven heat to medium and turpentine pie in about 30 minutes. Hot Cake still need to grease well with butter egg vzbitym zheltkom chilled thick smetana or mayonnaise. Submit with a green salad.

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