Apple Pie floury holiday

For the dough: 5 zabaglione, 200 grams of sugar, 200 g of butter, 2 glass of vodka, 5 cups of flour. For nachinki: 10 medium apples, 4 glass of dry white wine, 200 grams small raisins, 200 grams of finely chopped sweet almond, 200 grams of sugar, 100 grams limonnyh and candied orange.
Eggs yolks thoroughly with red sugar. Add vodka razmyagchennoe butter or margarine, flour and mix quickly vymeshat dough. For cooking apples nachinki clear from the skin and seredinok, chop cloves and lay down in the pot. Pour wine, add raisins prepared (well washed and 10-20 minutes filled with hot tea), sugar and crushed sweet almonds. Put apples in the weak heat until soft. Pour in nachinku crushed fruit, all Mix well and cool. For the dough velvety netonkim seam and cut from the two terms of the correct size (size shape or pan). One seam pass the test at the bottom and walls of the pan and lightly Condense hands. Dough in several places prokolot fork, onto prepared him well ostyvshuyu nachinku, covered its second test and glare seam edges. Grease surface vzbitym zheltkom or eggs, sprinkle the sugar sand and large cake baked in the oven nezharkoy about an hour. By slightly ostyvshemu Cold pie or file separately sugar and milk powder.

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