Pie "Day and Night"

4 packets zavarnogo cream, 2 cups milk, 1 tbs cocoa 6 tablespoons Spoon flour, 500 grams. smetana, 500 gr. sugar, 400 gr. walnuts.
1 Korzh: 2 packets zavarnogo cream, 1 glass of milk, 3 st. spoon flour, mix, add floor tsp pogashenoy soda and baking 30-40 minutes. No place in the hot oven cabinet! 2 Korzh: the same as in pery + 1 st. spoon cocoa and baking, too, 30-40 minutes. Nachinka: smetana with sand vzbit until thick mass, milled or simply add a small walnuts, place in refrigerator to tie at 30 minutes. Ready 2 korzha cut in half get 2 bright korzha and 2 dark, dark pocket Korzh them to a light to smear thoroughly nachinkoy sprinkle sugar on top cake powder.

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