Pilau of lamb

800 d. Ovine brisket, 2 onion, 400 g. of rice, butter, tomatoes, bay leaf, salt, pepper to taste.
Baranja porubit across the breast bone to cut bones. Nashinkovanny toasted onion in oil in the deep griddle, as soon as he begins to redden, in the golden griddle sliced lamb, allow, poperchit, inject a little broth, close the lid and put on a small fire put in its own juice. When Lamb zarumyanitsya top, and inside will be even syrovataya add to it all the crude figure, proterty towels, butter, broth fill so that it covered only rice. Covered griddle lid and place in oven cabinet. Simmer until soft lamb. Add tomatoes, roasted in oil, bay leaf, Mix gently, so as not remember rice. Leave a bit more in the oven with tomato and file. Note: Figure in pilau have absolutely dry mouth, lest he get viscous. In order to remove the dirt of raw rice, it needs to be well proteret several times on a dry towel, and then sieve to screen.

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