Persikovo - tvorozhnaya Flan

3 peach, 125 ml dry white wine, juice and natertaya nutmeg 1 / 2 lemon, 2 st. spoon honey, 2 eggs, 50 g. of sugar, 375 g. Dietary curd, 30 g. manna cereals, 50 g. raisins, 75 g. little almond nut, 25 g. sugar powder, 25 g. oil.
Peaches sblanshirovat, clearing of the skin, cut and remove the stones. Along with white wine, honey, lemon juice and tsedroy placed in a closed dishes, put in microwave ovens 3 min, with power level 10. 1 peach sliced cloves. A separate egg protein. Eggs yolks with the sugar until kremoobraznogo condition. Checked curd, liquid, while putting obrazovavshuyusya peaches, mannuyu cereals, raisins and almonds and add to zheltkam. By adding protein derived mass, whipped in a solid foam, a mixture spread on top halves peaches. On top of Begram cloves, sprinkle a mixture Grated almonds, sugar powder and pieces of butter. When turpentine-yield 5 about 18 minutes.

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