Dumplings Donskie

For the dough: 500 g flour of the class, 1 / 2 cup water 1 egg, salt to taste. For the stuffing: 300 grams of beef, 250 grams of pork, 150 g log cabbage, 2 onion, salt, pepper black pepper to taste. For the sauce: 200 g smetana, 1 / 3 ch.l. salt, at the tip of a knife roasted red pepper (you can adzhiku Georgian, Korean spicy seasonings is a matter of taste).
Sieve flour, slides to pour in, making paddles, water poured into it and the egg, allow, zamesit dough, cover the towel, give polezhat dough minutes 30. Skip through with a fine grid Mincer beef, pork, kvashennuyu cabbage, onions, all well vymeshat, allow. Dough velvety in tow, shredded pieces of velvety thin dough, put them Forcemeat, glare Dumplings, preferably large schools, as they will look Juicy. If dough can be left velvety make it the same bread and taste along with Pelmeni. Delete them in boiling water here, there, bay leaf, pepper, salt. Dumplings brew until they do not reoccur. Golden Dumplings finished in deep dishes and polit rastoplenym butter oil. By Pelmeni lodge to taste butter, smetana, mayonnaise, vinegar. But we make sauce: In smetana add salt and red pepper, all Delicate before receiving a single color mass. Enjoy. Invite guests but Dumplings, but only prigotovte dough and Forcemeat and schools will already together, it has not yet been dissatisfied.

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