Scraps of turkey

400 grams of meat turkey, salt, pepper, nutmeg 1 lemon, 1 bulbs, in the 1 / 2 hours spoon milled cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg nut, 4 pieces of white bread, 200 ml cream, 1 bundle of parsley, 2 eggs, 1 zucchini, 4, carved sprat, 2 st. spoon caper.
For the meat sliced turkey cubes of 3 cm sugar, spices, chopped onion, zest mix with the meat of turkey in the refrigerator freezer chamber at 10 minutes. Cut crusts from bread and cut myakish cubes, fill cream, to stand. Parsley to chop. Chop the meat to the point of pulp mixer, gradually adding eggs, razmochenny bread and parsley. Allow, poperchit. Finely chopped zucchini, narublennoe kilek fillets and capers added to the estate. Forcemeat promaslennuyu put into shape for microwave ovens, covered with a lid and turpentine-yield 10 about 15 minutes, then in power level 7 10 min. By pashtetu can file a tomato sauce and pasta.

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