Vegetable soup with noodles ovsyanymi

1 onions, 1 carrot, 100 g green onions, 1 tbs ghee, 1 / 4 liter lean milk, 1 diced vegetable broth or vegetable birch floor liters. For kletsok: 500 g. oil, 1 diced vegetable broth or 14 liters of vegetable eucalyptus, 100 d. big oats, 1 bundle of finely narublennoy greens parsley, 1 egg, salt, perets.Krome fact: 2 bunches Kress, lettuce, salt, pepper , cream.
Clean the onion and cut small cubes, carrots and clear cut slices. Green onions sliced kolechkami, heat ghee and fry vegetables in it during the 2 minutes. To fill out milk and vegetables to the floor liters of water with vegetable broth. Brew soup at the middle-fire approximately 15 minutes. For kletsok: to bring to the boil 200 ml. The water along with oil and bulonnymi dice, throw it in the oat grain, and not to leave the debt to swell. Ovsu Add to the egg and parsley and season with a mass of spices. Tea spoons separated from the mass of little gnocchi and 8 minutes left fork in the hot water for impregnating. Salad greens bath and put in soup. Together razmyat puree until consistency and season with spices. Mix cream and to stir in their soup, gnocchi put in soup.

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