Vegetable soup with beef language

1 bulbs, 100 g carrots, 150 d. cauliflowers, 150 d. Broccoli Sprouts, 2 st. spoon butter or margarine, 1 glass of white wine, 1 bay leaf, 1 twig rosemary, 0.4 liters. white Sauce, 250 ml. cream, 100 d. chinenogo boiled language, salt, roasted pepper, 1-2 d. nutmeg porozhka, 1-2 d. kayenskogo pepper. 1-2 d. sugar, a little lemon juice, a bit of tomato sauce, 2-Z art. spoon cut parsley.
The onions and carrots and clear cut small cubes. Cabbage cleaned, washed, to dry a little. Place vegetables with margarine or butter and white wine in the microwave dishes. Add bay leaf, rosemary twig and train 12-15 minutes. Remove white sauce with cream and add to vegetables. Language sliced beef small cubes, add to the soup. robot soup with salt, pepper, muskatom, kayenskim pepper, sugar, lemon, tomato sauce and produce 6 - 8 minutes at power level 10.

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