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  Chicken, Peas Asian (NUT, nohat) - 300 g, carrot-1 kg, onion-2 pc, vegetable oil-60 grams of salt, Cumin (cumin seeds), Curcumin (turmeric), sugar, if desired, a little bit burning red pepper and (or) black beans.
  You know how looks Asian Peas (NUT, nohat)? Yet it is called "Turkish" peas? If not, it is best to ask Azeris, Turkmen, Tajiks, Bukhara Jews, Afghans, Pakistanis, Indians, or, of course, the Uzbeks, if you showed him. All national cuisine of those people used this particular peas. And he looks slightly larger than conventional peas zagnuty has the characteristic tail and head badly recalls chicken form. In some meals (Azerbaijan, for example) he is a special processing to remove it from the skin, each goroshinka divided into two halves. name and transferred to the Russian language: "The Afghan lunch." However, the dishes I learned from Bukhara Jews, and I can not say for what it in Afghanistan are preparing the same way as I tell you. Yes, another important component-chicken. But it is such a chicken, and we need, rather than its relative broylernaya! Leg quarter categorically excluded! So: Peas zamachivaem in water, preferably with the evening. This peas have always come that way. On another day to brew whole chicken in a relatively small quantity of water before sex preparedness. Until solim nothing. Peas brew in fresh water, too, before sex preparedness. In kazane razogrevaem oil well before the emergence of white smoke. Drop chopped onion rings, and heat it on the big flames, stirring regularly, until it becomes zolotisto-korichnevym. (Secret: Any dish will be much tastier if you will overcook onions gently, so that it was evenly entire prozharen rather than revenge.) Carrots (chischennuyu, of course) dir circle and drop in Kazan. Heat not ubavlyaya fire, stirring every 2-3 minutes, until carrots are not zarumyanitsya slightly. If no carrot to fry well, it will not smell good or taste. Do not rush! Share chicken into small pieces and drop in Kazan, there vsypaem peas and zalivaem all small number of broth, so takes to soup just barely cover the contents. Get to the boil and reduce the light to medium, add the boiled sugar (it takes to prepare well peas), turmeric (turmeric), and lay peremeshaem lid. Sometimes, every 10-15 minutes, all peremeshivaem ponemnozhku broth and add-exactly as long as vykipelo. And all this must languish until the meat begins. Pick! Perhaps that tight lid will be tense in kazane. Then postuchim one edge, keeping predohranyayas of Kazan and very hot. This dish served on the portion to each of them individually to tarelochke. One half quinces stuffed with preserved man, one potato (by the way, some prigorelost potato, with the wall soprikasavshihsya Cousin, is not considered marriage), on kusochku-dva carrots and turnip, one Bulgarian and even men and one struchkovomu pepper very helpful. And finally, carefully removing the meat from Cousin, which is completely permeated syrup from quinces and fat, which tends to literally shake pits and transparent fat! I love when even boiled meat and prigorit pristanet to kazanu is the most delicious place, in my opinion. Kazane remaining in the melted lard and quince syrup poured potatoes, carrots and repo-all already filled aroma quinces, everything becomes transparent half and extraordinarily delicious. Turnip well Kelder vodochki cold drink to a pleasant appetite! Incidentally, I did not try, but I think it is an excellent meal and to get pressure cooker. Experiment!

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