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500 g. cream air test, 100 g of canned lobster, 2 tbsp butter, 2 tbsp flour, 1 diced chicken broth, sex cups milk, 2 tbsp cream, 1 tsp paprika.
Velvety dough thickness 0.8 see Cut 16 circles diameter of 8 cm at the eight clubs to make a smaller diameter circular incision to identify the inner circle. Onto these 8 circles at protiven wetted. Slightly moisten the surface of dough with water, then place on top remaining 8 circles. A little press circles upper to lower. Make spokes 4 holes in the top clubs on equal distances from each other, went to the top evenly during baking. Bake in pre-heated oven at very high temperatures during the 10 minutes before the mild-brown color. Grind the meat lobster. Prepare sauce by mixing butter with the flour to butter the pan with moderate flames. Bullion cubes of lobster razvesti liquid, add hot milk to get a total of 1 glass of the liquid, pour it into the pan and Delicate. Brew to slow the flames, stirring, until smooth obtain dense mixture, then add the cream and crushed lobster meat. Do not bring to a boil. Give dough mixture, sprinkle paprika. Serve hot form. "Recipe of the Day" ZHURNAL.RU of 1.03.97

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